What Is CCRN-K Certification? The Lowdown On How You Earn Your CCRN-K Certification

What is CCRN-K Certification? A CCRN for nurses is a seven-day training course that helps to prepare you to take the Certified Nursing Assistant test. The basic CCRN course covers all levels of nursing and care giving. It can be completed in less than twelve months of full-time study and can be completed in a single afternoon. You will learn everything from how to check vital signs, how to record vital signs, how to complete a physical examination, how to assess a patient’s condition, how to properly record that condition, how to record the patient’s response to treatment, and even basic communication skills that every nursing patient needs to understand. You will also learn about anatomy, medical terminology, and basic algebra.

There are two types of CCRN-K Certifications available. There are the Registered Nurse (RN) certification and the Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) certification. To become certified as an LPN, you need to have a course work of eight hours and then take the test that is set by the National Board of Nursing (NBBN). Once you pass the test you will receive your RN certificate. Your course work for the LPN will include two years of course work at a community college, four years at a nursing school, and then one year of certification at a nationally recognized provider.

Now that you know what CCRN-K is, what happens if you fail the CCRN-K test? There are not many consequences for failing this test. If it was a written test then you will be required to take an oral examination at the next testing site. In some cases the failure results in a certificate being issued but not the Registered Nurse designation. If you fail the exam then you will have to complete one year of a nursing program at a community college or another accredited institute.

If you are certified as an LPN then you can apply for the Registered Nurse (RN) certificate. If you have already passed the Certified Registered Nurse (CRN-K) test then you do not have to take the exam again. However, if you choose to get another certification other than CCRN-K then you do have to take the test for it. When you complete the test for the RN certification, you will be able to apply for a license as a nurse.

The most common training for nurses who want to become certified as an LPN is to train at a community college for four years. Upon completion they will be able to sit for the NCLEX-RN test and then apply for their license. Once you become licensed as an RN, you will have to be supervised by a RN and be monitored by a Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS). Once you have been certified in the state you were trained in then you will need to take the CEU exam to get your CRN-K certification.

If you are interested in becoming certified as an LPN and wish to do so before you take the test for your CRN-K certification then you need to go through a process similar to what a CRN would go through. First, you will have to take an LPN certification test. This test will give you knowledge of all the new rules that were added in the 2021 NCCAM guidelines that pertain to the LPN field. Once you pass the test you will be able to apply for your new license as an LPN.

After you have passed the LPN certification test you can then apply for your NCLEX-RN testing. To do this you must schedule a visit with your local testing center and discuss your test schedule and times with them. You will also have to provide them with information on why you took the test in the first place and what it was that made you want to take the test in the first place. They will then help you schedule your test.

Once you successfully completed your training and passed the NCLEX-RN test you will need to schedule your own training within a reasonable amount of time. Most people do this within six months of their certification date. Once you have done this then you will be ready to take the final test, which is a written and oral test. Once you pass this test then you will be prepared to become certified as a CCRN-K.

What Is CCRN-K Certification? The Lowdown On How You Earn Your CCRN-K Certification