What Does CCRN Mean in Nursing?

What does CRRN (Certified Registered Nurse) mean to you? Do you know what CRRN stands for and what does it mean to you? Many people do not have a clear understanding of what CRRN is or what it means when they are asked to take a nursing course. They may have a basic knowledge of the word “cure”, but not understand what it implies. You can learn more about CRRN by understanding what the acronym stands for and what the different styles of CCRN certificates mean.

Certified Registered Nurse: A certified nurse has completed an approved education program, passed the state board, and is registered with the state as a nurse. If the nurse completes a CRRN course then she will have her nursing credentials and be able to take the CRRN test that is required for nurses who wish to become a CR RN. A person who does not pass this certification test cannot become a certified nurse.

CRNA: A certified nursing assistant stands behind a registered nurse and helps her by taking patient care procedures and providing supportive care. The CRNA is under the supervision of a registered nurse. A certified nurse aide, like a CRNA, cannot give actual care unless he or she has been trained to do so and passed the state’s certification exam. To become a certified nurse aide, the person must complete a certified nurse assistance training course. In order to work as a CRNA, the person must pass this test and then work as a nursing assistant for two years.

CRNA certification tests are usually administered three times a year and a person must successfully pass each test in order to retain his or her certificate. Once a person passes the test he or she must complete five hours of supervised clinical practice in each area of nursing he or she wishes to specialize in. To be a certified nurse aid, a person must also successfully complete a nurse aide training course.

This test is usually conducted on a computer and the questions cover information about basic nursing practices and health care procedures. For the exam, the person needs to be able to answer all types of questions without prompting. The questions cover common procedures involving the nursing practices like bathing and dressing a patient and assisting with various activities like moving a patient, feeding, and using the bathroom. The person needs to be able to explain these procedures clearly to the patients without sounding too judgmental.

The process of passing the test can take anywhere from six months to one year. During the testing process, the person needs to maintain a certain level of focus and concentration. Since the nursing field is very vast and there are numerous types of patients, a certified nurse assistant must have the knowledge to cover a wide variety of topics. For example, if a person is going to be working with geriatric patients, he or she needs to know about common problems such as urinary tract infections, colitis, and diabetes. This way, the person will be ready when patients start showing signs of these problems.

It is important for the student to do well in the tests because it is his or her passport to a promising career in the nursing field. This is also a stepping stone towards taking more advanced tests. For those who do not pass the first time, they may want to try again until they get it right. This can only happen if the person is willing to practice and study.

In conclusion, what does CCRN mean in nursing cannot be answered immediately. Based upon where a nurse is currently registered at, the United States Department of Health and Human Services may issue a Certified Nursing Assistant credential after evaluating how many years of experience as a CNA has. A CNA who wishes to further her education and move her name up in the nursing hierarchy must work hard in order to pass the CNA exam and become a certified nurse assistant. Then, she can enjoy all the benefits and advantages that come with becoming a CNA.

What Does CCRN Mean in Nursing?