Is CRN Hard Enough? – What is CCRN and Should I Take the Exam?

CCRN stands for Certified Registered Nurse – National Registry. It is a nationally recognized certification program for nurses who want to get their national nursing license and be able to practice as a nurse. If you are planning on getting your CCRN certification, you need to check out the requirements first. There are different programs for different states. Some of these will give you a written test and some of them will only give a practical test. After you register for your CCRN course, you will be sent a test or a practice test that you have to take and pass in order to get your certification.

In order to work on it, you will need to pass a qualifying exam given by the state that you live in. You should contact your state licensing board and see what your requirements are. They can tell you how many credits you will need before you take the actual test to get your nursing license.

Once you register for your classes, the next step is taking the CCRN exam. This exam is made up of two sections. One has a written section and one will have a practical exam. You will need to pass both sections in order to get the certification. This exam has been around for a long time and is well tested, so there is no reason why you cannot pass it.

What is the best way to study for this exam? There are books, videos, and CDs you can buy that will help you with your studies. You will want to find a study guide that has a study schedule and a schedule with the testing days marked on it. You will want to set a date to take the exam and stick to it. If you miss a day you have to start the whole process over again. Try to study until you can find no mistakes.

When you go to take the actual CCRN test you will find there is more than one type available. Some students prefer the multiple choice section and some prefer the essay portion. The way you choose will depend upon your answers and your timing. Some people will not be able to take this test if they do not pass the first time. The best way to prepare is by studying as much as possible before taking the test.

When taking the actual test, it is best to do it in an empty room. This will eliminate distractions. You may also want to bring something with you that will keep you focused such as a paper and pencil or even snacks. Do not leave work behind. If you are taking the test in class, there are chances you will miss a thing or two. It is far better to be focused and get it right than to go home and forget and make huge mistakes on the CCRN exam.

The test consists of multiple choice questions as well as essay responses. The multiple choice section is where you will find short answers and explanations for your answers. These questions are not too difficult but you must be able to quickly answer them in less than five minutes. The essay portion is where you will need to demonstrate your knowledge in the subject matter you have chosen.

The scoring for this exam can be found on the first page of the test. This will usually be preceded by a definition of the term CRN. It is then followed by your scores in parenthesis. Your scores will determine if you passed or failed. Failure will result in a failing grade and you will not be allowed to take the NCLEX again until you pass the exam. If you pass then you will be able to enroll in a college and take the exam again.

Is CRN Hard Enough? – What is CCRN and Should I Take the Exam?