How to Renew CCRN Licensing

If you are considering taking your CCRN certification continuing education courses, then you may be wondering how to renew CCRN licensing. Your CCRN license will be valid for two years. You are required to take the CCRN continuing education course every two years as a condition of your license renewal. Some providers allow you to take the CCRN examination that must be taken at a specific time and place. The CCRN training course is normally offered in the second year of your nursing career.

You can contact your provider to find out what courses they require you to take for CCRN continuing education and if they offer a CCRN examination. Some providers have pre-requisites or prerequisite exams that must be passed before you will be granted an examination. The first examination is normally taken prior to receiving a CCRN license while the second examination is taken after receiving your license.

How do I renew my CCRN license? You must contact your testing center and request to take the CCRN continuing education course. This usually takes about a month. Make sure that you research several providers so that you are able to compare the prices and services they provide. Make sure that they are accredited and that they offer the testing course that you need.

How do I know when I am due to take the examination? Testing can take place at different times throughout the year. You should contact your provider to find out when they will be offering the examination. It will not be held at the same time each year. Be sure to call to check on the status of your registration and for renewal information.

When do I send out the paperwork to get my CCRN license renewed? Be sure to send your completed application and all required documents to the testing center at least five months before the exam is due to be administered. Be sure to submit all payment arrangements in a timely manner. Failure to pay will result in a default score which could prevent you from taking the test.

Is there an exam schedule? If you are considering taking the CCRN training course, it is important to know how long it will take to complete the course. The exam must be taken within twelve months of completion of the nursing program. There is no further flexibility after this point. If you have already graduated and wish to take the licensing exam, you should contact the testing center as soon as possible.

Is there enough time to prepare for the exam? When you join a training course, make sure to sign up for the entire course. If you miss even one class you will not be allowed to complete the course. It is also advised to purchase study books ahead of time so you can study and review for the CCRN test when needed. Make sure to start studying about a year before you expect to take the exam. You do not want to waste any time studying and then finding out that you are not ready to take the test when it’s offered.

How to renew CCRN license is one of the most popular classes being taken in the nursing field. Because of this many people fail the test. Take your time, do not rush. You need to complete all of the required material to pass this test. Once you find out how to renew CCRN license online, you will be well on your way to becoming a licensed practical nurse. Keep in mind that if you do not pass the first time you take the test, you will have another go until you pass.

How to Renew CCRN Licensing