How To Find A CCRN Certification Renewal Cost Savings

If you are a nurse practitioner, or you plan to be one in the near future, you are probably well aware of the cost of CCRN certification renewal. Having said that, many who seek renewal of their certification often find that their finances do not allow them to pay the full amount required. For some, this can be due to job losses or a decrease in income over time. For others, it may be because of health issues or other factors beyond their control. What makes matters worse is that many insurance companies do not offer discounted CCRN courses. As a result, many who have exhausted their CCRN course fees find that they have to pay the full amount at the end of the course, if they wish to renew their certification.

When times are tough and finances are tough, many turn to nursing schools in order to help ease the financial stress. However, while CCRN programs are accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Allied Health Education Programs, there are many hospitals and medical offices that simply do not meet the minimum standards required to accept CCRN certificates from qualified practitioners. In turn, nurses who wish to take the test need to pay the higher tuition costs associated with these institutions. Some do so out of obligation to their patients, others out of necessity. Yet some will actually attend the clinics and hospitals that do accept the exam in order to get the necessary credentials.

Thankfully, there are options to help reduce the cost of certification renewal for a CCRN nurse practitioner. First, there is a very good chance that your employer will be willing to help cover part or all of the costs. This is common, especially if the employer knows that the nurse practitioner will soon be needed in the hospital or office. On top of that, if the hospital or office is small in size, there may be an internal option to help cover at least some of the cost of CCRN training.

Nursing homes are often a great place to get started in helping to cover the costs of CCRN training. Many senior citizens who live in assisted living centers or intermediate care facilities may be able to get their nursing assistant certification for free or at very low cost. On top of this, there are often community access hospitals that offer financial assistance for those who need them.

For those nurses already working in a medical facility, they may be able to take advantage of reduced CCRN costs by negotiating lower annual salaries or extending the length of their contract. By reducing the overall costs of training, more CCRN nurse practitioners will have the opportunity to get fulltime employment in local facilities. The resulting effect will be increased job opportunities and an increase in local business income. On the flip side, any salary negotiations for CCRN certification renewal cost will also likely result in an extension or new contract that keeps the nurse practitioner job open for another year or two.

The best way to save on CCRN certification renewal costs is to make sure that you fully understand the costs and associated benefits. You must understand how the certification program pays for itself over time and how the local area assessment affects your eligibility for reimbursement. You should also do your homework on the local assessor’s reputation for accuracy and value. The ability to do this research online will save you time and money. You can use price comparison sites and other tools to quickly compare costs.

You should also be aware that not all areas assess the same CCRN prices. Some only pay for a portion of the assessment, while others will pay the entire cost. As an example, in some areas the cost of certification is included with the cost of local services while in other locations the two are separate. This information is important to keep in mind as you begin your search for CCRN courses and materials.

Once you have narrowed down the selection of certified training providers in your area, the next step in your quest for CCRN certification renewal cost savings is to start to contact those vendors directly. Most local vendors will be happy to offer discounted pricing on their products and will also be happy to send you information on how to apply for discounts. You can often save significant cost savings just by staying on top of local pricing trends.

How To Find A CCRN Certification Renewal Cost Savings