CNA Certification – Becoming A Certified Nursing Assistant

CCRN certification, Certified Registered Nurse of Nursing (CNSN), is a Registered Nurse’s (RN) certification which is the highest in nursing credentials and also indicates a graduate degree in nursing. There are three levels of CCRN: Master’s in Nursing, Bachelor’s in Nursing, and Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) or Licensed Vocation Nurse (LVN). In order to become a registered nurse, one must enroll in an approved CNA training program which usually takes four years. After completing the required coursework, the nurses will need to pass the necessary state nursing licensing exam and be certified as a RN. In order to be able to work as a nurse, it is required by law that CNAs be registered and licensed with the state health board and have completed the CCRN certification process.

The CCRN nursing certification training program consists of a theory-based curriculum and practical application. Once the students complete the course, they will take the written portion first which cover basic nursing knowledge and skills, interpersonal skills, and basic nursing practices. This part of the course prepares the students to pass the state certification exam. Upon successful completion of the exam, CNAs will receive their official CCRN nursing certification.

There are many benefits to becoming a certified CNA and starting as a certified nurse assistant. This is a great step in establishing a career as a nurse. The CNAs have the ability to apply for vacancies in hospitals and clinics, get higher compensation, and be hired immediately after passing the certification exam. The duties of a CNA basically include doing basic patient care such as giving CPR if needed, applying topical anesthetics, monitoring the patient’s vital signs, checking temperature and pulse, and carrying out routine tasks such as changing sheets and cleaning bidding. However, other duties such as taking vital signs, preparing the patient for a hospital stay, and assisting in wound care can also be performed by the CNA.

Once you have completed your CCRN training, you will need to sit for a state board certification exam. Your training program will provide you with the information, required for this exam. You will be given a course completion workbook and study guide, study guides, and multiple choice tests. The exam is conducted under the direction of licensed nurses and will cover different topics such as patient care, assessment of patients, and administration of NNA’s (natural nutrition and aids), physical assessment of patients, and basic nursing skills and principles. Once you pass your state certification examination, you will become certified as a CNA.

Certified nursing assistants also have the option to further their education by earning a master’s degree or another certification program. A master’s program typically focuses on more specific topics such as microbiology, physiology, and anatomy. It is recommended for future CNA trainees to choose a master’s program offered by an accredited nursing school. This will ensure that you will receive the highest quality education possible, which is necessary to be a successful CNA.

In order to work as a CNA, a person needs to obtain CPR certification. There are actually three levels of CPR that you can complete in order to become a certified nursing assistant. Completing level I and level II will put you in the upper percentiles for a job as a CNA, while level III will place you within the lower percentiles for a position as a CNA. However, these percentages can change based upon your certification exam scores.

A majority of CNA certified nursing assistants are provided paid benefits upon completion of the program. These benefits include medical insurance, paid time off, and vacation time. To find out more about what you will be receiving once you complete your CNA course, contact your employer or call the hospital where you attended college. Most employers do offer this type of insurance to their nursing assistants. However, they may have different insurance needs than those of the students who chose to complete their training through CNA schools.

Once you complete your education and obtain your certification nursing assistant, you will find that jobs are plentiful in many locations throughout the United States. You can work in the hospital, nursing home, doctor’s office, nursing home facility, and many other facilities throughout the nation. Once you complete your CNA courses, be sure to contact a local hospital where you completed your training, as well as nursing homes, doctor’s offices, or other employers to inquire about a CNA job.

CNA Certification – Becoming A Certified Nursing Assistant