CCRN Certification Purpose

The Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) certification was established in 1980 to help nurses identify and learn about certified assistance. Over the years, CCRN for nurses curriculum has been developed to provide outstanding practice in basic and advanced skills to prepare CNAs for greater responsibility in patient care. The CCRN course was created for people who are interested in pursuing further education in nursing as a career, or as a hobby. The certification is not mandatory to become a registered nurse (RN), although most RNs are graduates of CCRN courses.

In order to become a CNA, you must complete a four-day CCRN course, pass a written examination, and then take an assessment that includes a nursing theory test and a practical test. Once you have passed these steps, you will be mailed your CCRN certification card. The purpose of this exam and the CCRN course is to ensure you are ready for the career of your choice in health care services.

In order to become a CNA, you must already be enrolled in a CNA school. There are many different CNA schools that offer the CCRN course. There are also colleges and universities that offer CCRN courses as well. Most hospitals now require CCRN nurses to be trained on-the-job before offering care to patients.

The CCRN course includes instruction in how to handle patients in a professional manner. You will learn proper dietary guidelines and nutrition, patient care planning, and how to follow doctor’s orders. You will need to learn about anatomy and physiology. You will need to know how to read medical records, and how to record vital signs such as blood pressure and heart rate. You will need to know how to perform basic nursing functions such as keeping track of a patient’s vital signs.

There are a variety of subjects that are covered in a CCRN course. The first two sections are clinical practice and guidelines for nursing practices. The clinical part covers everything from giving a patient a complete exam after completing a nurse aide or other training program to following proper procedure when helping patients with injuries or illness. The guidelines for nursing practices include important information for students to remember throughout their careers. Students will need to do research to learn these guidelines.

The clinical part of the course is the most important part for students to learn. During this part students will need to work under the direction of a registered nurse or other experienced person to get hands on experience in the field. They will be expected to perform basic duties under the guidance of another individual such as a doctor or nurse aid.

The final part of the CCRN course is the knowledge and skills test. This part of the course is very similar to a licensing test for nurses. Students will be asked multiple-choice questions about their knowledge on nursing techniques and will be asked to perform a nursing task based on the information they have gathered. If the student does not know how to perform the nursing task correctly, then they will be given a failing grade. The students who pass the skill test will be given the title of Certified Nursing Assistant. Once the student has become a certified nursing assistant, then they can work at any hospital or medical office in the United States.

CCRN certification serves as the nurse aide’s proof of completion of the course. Once all requirements for becoming a CCRN nurse aide have been met, then the nurse aide will be able to apply for employment at a medical office. Once the application is approved, the new CCRN will get an official certificate showing that they have completed the nursing aide program. Once you have completed your CCRN certification purpose, then you are ready to begin working as a certified nursing assistant. There are no limits to the number of places you can apply for employment.

CCRN Certification Purpose