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How to Recertify CCRN

How to recertify CPR and first aid for Nursing? This is a very serious question, indeed. So, what are the steps involved in getting certified? The basic steps are that you have to get a recognized CPR and first aid

What Is NP Certification?

What is NPI? This question has popped up many times since I became a registered nurse. So, I thought I would set the record straight. I will answer your question: What is NP Certification? Currently, there are currently eight states

How To Become A CCRN Nurse

How to become a CRN nurse is definitely a question that is asked by many aspiring nurses. CRN or certified Registered Nurse is a registered nurse who has successfully completed the program. It means that you have successfully completed all

What is CCRN Certification?

When you want to become a nurse practitioner in Canada, then you will need to complete the necessary courses. If you already have a Registered Nurse’s Registration with the Nursing Board of Canada (RN) then that is great. However, if